Gavin Cooke - Livestock Live

There was a time when…..

…from cricket professional to “The Internet of Things”!

I have extensive Business, Sales & Marketing Experience, including strategy, budgeting to implementation.  with a love for the internet and the boundless opportunity the world wide web combined with an ever changing scope of technology, have to offer.
From Consultation, to Conceptualisation, Development +Design, Content Creation, SEO & Search Engine Integration or ongoing on-line Administration, Cost Effective Solution.

We also offer a number of unique opportunities, that make us experts within “The Internet of Things”, as we take a novel approach and provide a number of solutions. The Internet is getting more competitive everyday and although important normal SEO exercises won’t necessarily make the difference required. With this in mind how do you stay ahead or in  most cases take advantage of a poorly executed SEO job and get ahead of your Competitors?

Simply put “Content is King” combined with our unique solutions provided you can!







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